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almost 4 years ago

20 JS is on!

Thanks for joining our 20 JS Challenge! We're super psyched to see your JavaScript hacks. If you have questions about the challenge or want to talk shop with fellow hackers, head on over to the discussion forums. And FYI, the deadline is Feb 27, 5pm ET.

As a reminder, the rules are:

  • No teams, this is a solo competition
  • 20 lines or less of JavaScript, not including comments
  • 80 characters per line max, including spaces
  • Use any previously existing & public API or libraries, but don't create one just to
  • downsize your code
  • no malicious code — pls don't hack the gibson

And the judging criteria:

  • Does your hack run as advertised and without errors for all our judges?
  • Is your hack just lipstick on an API, or did you create something really novel?
  • Ultimately, there's a million ways to make x=y, does yours exemplify the craft of coding?

Happy Hacking! ~ Team ChallengePost